If You Have A New Year’s Resolution, Then Use Crystals To Achieve Them

How many times have you set a new year’s resolution and failed to achieve them? Or you just stopped and got tired of making them because you keep failing them over the years?

Guess what? Unlock the power of fulfilling your new year’s resolutions with these crystal combinations to get you through. There are specialized crystal combinations that can cater you to every goal in that list.

Check out below to see which crystals match best with your New Year intentions.

Agate stone – this helps bring courage and strength, protective energies, balancing and accepting emotions.

Angelite stone – this can help relieve tension and anger and encourage faith and forgiveness.

Amethyst – this helps for making wise decisions and achieving calm and balance to help break free from bad habits and addictions.

Black Obsidian – this can help you break free from your destructive habits and move forward.

Carnelian and Sunstone – this helps with motivation to start a routine for weight loss and a healthy body in general. This can help with determination and leadership.

Seraphinite, Celestite and Selenite – these crystals can help with your meditation if you are looking for gaining divine wisdom, You can sit near them or hold them or even look into them to help you focus while you pray or meditate.

Vesuvianite – this can help to surface your buried emotions so you can have the chance of dealing with them.

Rhodochrosite – this can help with healing you emotionally and encourage yourself for a more positive self-image.

Quartz – this helps you to let go of past failures, distress and old memories. This can help you heal from personal pain and loss. It also helps boost your self-confidence and will power.

These are just some of the crystals you can use to help yourself. Whatever your goals are, write them down in short and clearly stated affirmations and carry them with you will help.

Be kind to yourself. It takes a while to achieve something great so stick with it and you’ll get there someday. Hope you have a joyful and fruitful year this coming 2019.