The Amazing Energies of Ammonite – POLISHED PAIR



Ammonite is a very powerful earth-healing, spiral-shaped fossil. It symbolizes continual change and evolution as reflected on its spiral figure.   It absorbs cosmic energy over eons of time and help to stimulate the life force within.  Ammonites are often used for activating Kundalini and life path energies. It is recommended to put inside every home to attract health, prosperity and success as it converts all energies received into positivity and love!

The Ammonite puts away all negative energies. Think of the Ammonite spirals as a filter, drawing in these dense energies which are no longer needed, moving them through the spirals and releasing them as fresh, positive, loving life force energies. This is how this amazing fossil works!

Ammonite fossils are graded by formation versus Rainbow Ammonite which is graded by flash and formation. “Ammolites” are also Ammonite fossils found in Madagascar and Alberta (Canada) that display iridescence by compression and mineralization of the Ammonite fossil. These iridescent Ammonites are often of gem quality when polished.



·         PHYSICAL BENEFITS. Ammonites can help increase stamina and vitality. Use Ammonites when working with issues of blood pressure or problems with the ears, lungs and degenerative disorders. Ammonites also help to lift the heaviness that is sometimes felt during depression.  It supports the cranium and inner ear, lungs and limbs.

·         EMOTIONAL BENEFITS. When placed inside your home, Ammonite Crystals generate Abundance Prosperity ad Success for the family, it releases Negativity  and eases Depression.  Ammonite will bring about a circulation of energy, making you feel more stable, protected, and grounded in your life.  This stone will deepen your meditative experience, enhance your moods, relieve any kind of trauma, and boost your stamina. 

·         PSYCHOLGICAL BENEFITS.  Psychologically ammonite stimulates your survival instincts and the knowledge that you will get there if you persevere.  Ammonite encourages you to seek and achieve personal power in your life.

·         SPIRITUALITY and CHAKRA.  Ammonite improves ‘Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom’ and used as Base, Solar for Third-Eye Chakra. It activates personal empowerment and the spiritual will.  This stone is a powerful Karmic cleanser, if placed on the third eye this stone releases your mental obsessions and past life imperatives. 

·         FENG SHUI.  Being called by Feng Shui masters as the seven color prosperity stone, It is believed that Ammonite stimulates the flow of ‘qi’, life force through the body.  This stone is exceedingly fortunate and it is suggested that you keep one in your home to bring wealth, health, vitality and happiness.
Business – it will promote beneficial business dealings. 

       When worn, ammonite will impart charisma and sensuous beauty to              the wearer.

At Home -, you can transform any negative energy present and bring in more peace and



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Epidote In Quartz Matrix’ Properties and Energies

Epidote in Quartz

Epidote’s Meaning and General Information

  • Comes from the Greek word ‘epidosis’ which means to ‘increase’ or addition;
  • Also known as Pistacite (because of its pistachio green color). it is a stone that is known to effect different people in different ways;
  • Large deposits of Epidote have been found in the USA, Mexico, Russia, France, Austria, Norway, Bulgaria, South Africa, Mozambique, and Pakistan;
  • Epidote is said to be very helpful to aid prosperity, because as long as you are generous you will manifest more generosity and more prosperity;
  • It may aid you to experience a variety of good things in your life, in a diversity of different ways, including improved relationships.

Combining Epidote Stone in Quartz

  • The amplification properties of Quartz with this Epidote stone will help you to have a stronger action to resonate this combined energy outwards;
  • Epidote in quartz, also known as Dream Quartz , which commonly contains Actinolite occurs as very fine needles in the stone and is very hard to see;
  • This combination makes the resulting vibration quite different, as Dream Quartz stones have beneficial metaphysical property and strong vibration to aid you to attune to spirit.

Epidote in Quartz’ Uses and Benefits

Spiritual Growth

  • Epidote has very beneficial energies that will help you attune to your spirit. It will show you many sides of you that will make you know yourself on a deeper and higher level, if it’s spiritual growth that you seek;
  • This will help you to have a greater knowledge of who you really are and your spiritual purpose.

Physical Healing

  • The energy of Epidote will raise your vibration physically. This will aid you to let go of negativity more easily.
  • It will help enhance your awareness of your various aspects and it may be very helpful if you unknowingly have been resistant to letting go of some attitude that you need to change, for your highest good;
  • This stone helps you to learn that if you raise your vibration, you can be enabled to completely change your reality via the action of your thoughts and actions.
  • This is beneficial for you to be able to replace them with a more positive way of thinking and living your life.
  • This stone has a positive effect on the health and will aid the immune system and the nervous system. It is said to assist the adrenal glands, the gall bladder, liver, thyroid and the brain.

Emotional Healing

  • It is a strong healing stone for the emotions, and like all green stones it has a strong resonance within the heart chakra. Its strong vibration will work within all chakras to bring through change.
  • Epidote has strong healing qualities, and these may create excellent health outcomes. Note: If you are aware that you have deep emotional problems, it may be best to use it under the care of a metaphysical healer.
  • It has an energy that aids you to have the courage to let go of the things that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams;
  • By its energy to uplift you emotionally, it may be possible that this may enable you to both release negative feelings, and to heal associated emotional issues.

 Meditation and Chakras

  • You may prefer to use it in meditation, for a few minutes a day, and to ask at that time for guidance on how you might manage any attributes that come to your attention.
  • During meditation it can be programmed to help you to experience a range of positive effects, as these stones are known to help with manifestation.;
  • If you are a very negative person, you may choose to avoid using this stone as it known to accentuate negative traits. This vibration works for your highest good, but it is not comfortable.
  • It works within all chakras, and to help the process, the energy of Epidote will raise your vibration physically. This will aid you to let go of negativity more easily.

Where to get Epidote in Quartz?

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