5 Popular Wellness Trends This 2019

It’s this time of the year again when we refresh our lives for the future. There is no denying that wellness should be one of our top priorities in our day to day lives. So, in the next months, here are the biggest wellness trends this 2019 that you have to try!


This was all the rage in 2018 and it will continue to grow in 2019. We will see wider range of CBD products for specific ailments with complimentary natural ingredients that will give us more benefits.


This will still be a trend this year. This is coming for you whether you like it or not. It is going to be more accessible anywhere. Meditation is becoming more mainstream. It is being taught in places like schools, offices, professional sports teams and basically anywhere. It is even offered in one of our classes here in Namaste Life Center.

Celery Juice

This is the year where you will see celery juice everywhere from restaurant menus to your local grocery store. Celery Juice can help us with great digestion, unbelievable energy, and an amazing skin. It is best to drink every morning on an empty stomach.

Cauliflower Craze

Last year, you’ve seen it in pizza, rice, pasta and in frozen food. This year, you will see it in snack options as well. This is one of the big wellness trends this year. Cauliflower is perfect because it is flexible to many recipes, high in fiber and overall healthy. It can help lose weight without being hungry, boost energy and live a healthier life.

More to health than diet and exercise

This is the year when we will realize that being healthy mean more than what you eat and how often you exercise. Everything we do impacts our overall health, even the simple this most people take for granted. Gratitude, quality time with your loved ones, technology break, being genuinely happy physically and emotionally, having purpose and meaning in your life are essential. People are starting to integrate wellness where the mind, body and spirit are being taken into the account.

So, which of these are you excited to try this year? Do you have other ideas you can share? Put it in the comments below!

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