8 Dimensions of Wellness That Will Help You to a Higher Quality Life


Wellness is the pursued goal of being in good health. It is very important if we want to function successfully in the world.

While health focuses on the physical and mental being free from any illness, injury or disease, wellness addresses the broader spectrum of our body encompassing the overall balance of your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Eight dimensions of wellness are:

  1. Emotional – this is the understanding of our feelings and coping effectively with stress.
  2. Environmental – this is the interaction and harmony we have in our environment.
  3. Financial – this is learning of how to successfully manage financial expenses.
  4. Intellectual – this is our open-mindedness with new ideas and continuing to learn and expand our knowledge.
  5. Occupational – this is about enjoying occupational endeavors and appreciation of our contributions to promote personal satisfaction and enrichment in life through work.
  6. Physical – this pertains to maintaining a healthy body and seeking medical care when needed.
  7. Social – this about us performing social roles effectively and comfortably. It encourages relationship with our peers and even intimate relationship with our romantic partners.
  8. Spiritual – this helps us seek meaning and purpose. It helps us to seek the right set of values to cope in everyday life.

Some people prioritize work and forgetting their wellness should be too. If anyone’s body diminishes, all others in your life will to.  Maintaining optimal level of wellness is crucial for a quality life. It matters because every emotion and all the things we do relate to our well-being. One diminishes and everything will be affected too. Each one of them directly affects our actions and emotions. Optimal wellness keeps our overall self healthy and happy.

So you see, these areas of wellness are interconnected so it is a must to take care of it. If you are looking for ways to take care of your wellness, check out our calendar for our classes, events and activities here in Namaste Life Center. Remember, the change in your life begins with you.

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