Discover Some Stone-Cold Facts About Crystal Healing – Its History And Today’s Popularity!

What is Crystal Healing?
Crystal healing has been a technique in which crystals and stones are used to cure ailments and protect against future diseases. Originally, crystals and healing stones were used as talismans, though there is no exact date when they started to be used.  They were created as the planet was formed and continue to be forged as the planet changes. And perhaps crystals and healing stones are part of the earths blueprint, as it is fair to say that as long as we have existed as a species, we have had an affinity with these stones and crystals!

Brief History.
Crystals and healing stones are found all over the world.  They have been with humans since the beginning of time.  Their existence likely preceded plants, animals, and other sentient beings on the planet. Most of the talismans were organic, including mammoth ivory, shell and fossil shark’s teeth. The oldest talismans date back 60,000 years to Upper Paleolithic period, while the oldest recorded amulet made out of Baltic amber are as old as 30,000 years.


Precious stones have been thought of as objects that can aid in healing by a variety of cultures.  Native Americans of Arizona use quartz crystals for divination, including locating sources of pain or disease in the body. The Hopi also traditionally use crystals for other forms of divination, as prisms to direct sunlight towards medicine bowls, and in other forms of ritual, such as imbuing the strength and toughness of the crystal into one’s heart.

In the English-speaking world, crystal healing is heavily associated with the New Age spiritual movement.  In the 1980s, with the advent of the New Age culture, the use of crystals and gemstones began to re-emerge as a healing method. Much of the practice was drawn from old traditions, with more information gained by experimentation and channeling.

Crystals Healing Today.
These days crystal healing is a very popular type of alternative medicine, which gently works on restoring the balance on all three levels – physical, emotional/mental, as well as spiritual., and is said to help restore the sense of well-being and balance. Certain crystals are usually placed on certain parts of the body to help with certain conditions. In many occasions’ crystals are placed in alignment with chakras (bodily energy centers), and quiet often crystal healers align crystals in a way that each crystal corresponds to the chakra it is aligned to.

Crystal therapy crosses the boundaries of religious and spiritual beliefs. It is no longer viewed as the domain of alternative culture, but as an acceptable and more mainstream complimentary therapy, and many colleges now offer it as a qualification subject.

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