The ‘Extraterrestrial’ Healing Powers of Asteroid Crystals

Meteorite are debris of asteroids and comets from outer space, therefore being extra-terrestrial in origin, and have survived the fall through the Earth’s atmosphere to land on the Earth’s surface.

Also called as Asteroid Crystals, these are shaped like meteorite rocks and metals, most are similar to asteroid fragments. These crystal gemstones may be found in the Sahara Desert and Antarctica .

What are the Healing Benefits of Asteroid Crystals?

Physically, meteorite debris of an asteroid is a good stone and it is said to have good healing powers to treat anemia, strengthen the blood and the tissues. It also motivates the hope and strength of the long physical ailment and struggle.

The meteorite balances and aligns the active fields of the wearer’s body. It raises the communication and also offers the access of the stored information that is important and the requirement of the being. It encourages the stamina and strength that is necessary for the endurance.

The meteorite helps with the actualization of the reason of our existence on the planet. It releases a trusting power that allows the wearer to increase his confidence level.

What are the Properties and Other Uses of Asteroid Crystals?

Meteorites or Asteroid Crytals are usually of brown or grayish-black color. They are quite easily recognizable and are exotic enough to play the dominant role in many mineral collections. One of the ways to classify them is the relative nickel to iron content present in the compounds.

There are various uses of this gemstone. It attracts the prosperity and finance towards the person who wears it.

  • The astrologers use the meteorite and it is also referred to as the Stone of Healers and Astrologers;
  • The meteorite consists of the unique energies which is best in the dream work and channeling.
  • It is also used in healing and health perspectives
  • It helps the beings to get rid of the addictions, phobias and bad habits.
  • You may place it at your home where it will help you in the life transformation.

 What is the Benefit of Asteroid Crystals in Meditation?

Meteorites help reduce the chaos in your life.  When used in Meditation, it makes a totally natural way to make a connection to your earlier lives.  They keep you focused and may alter the state of your mind. They are generally considered helpful in our human evolution. They help by virtue of accelerating our mental growth and development of dormant psychic abilities.

Where to Get Asteroid Crystals?

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