Deborah Louise – Reiki Master






 Beacon Of Light

Deborah Louise  is a transformational life coach with strengths in unlimited abilities including:

  •  Reiki Master
  • Highly Sensitive Intuitive Empath
  • Medium ship and Psychic
  • Divine Partnership
  • Wellness Consultant for Isagenix

In 2014, Debbie received a jolt back to life and realized one day she wanted more.  Little did she know at the time what was to come just a few years later; a journey of self-discovery.  Through courage and persistence, Debbie has risen above the obstacles that have held her back from living her true authentic self.  She continues to learn and grow everyday breaking down barriers and collapsing timelines placed on humanity.

Through her experience, divine knowledge, and esoteric wisdom, she offers guidance, healing, compassion, and Love to all as she serves.  She believes that each of us serves a purpose in assisting humanity and we owe it to ourselves to support and encourage each other to discover that for ourselves.

“It is within our moments of weakness that we find our greatest strengths.  Be brave enough to search for the light.”  Beacon Of Light


Reiki Healing:
1 hour $60

Card Readings:
30 minutes $40
1 hour $60

Hours of availability and by appointment only:

Tuesday 7-9pm
Wednesday 7-9pm
Thursday 7-9pm
Sunday 1–4pm

Saturday 12pm–5pm – Walk-ins welcome

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