Dianna Stahl – Auric Diagnosis and Healing



Dianna Stahl is a professional speaker and educator who specializes in workshops and
seminars aimed at exploring the connection between mind/body wellness and technology.
As an extension of her formal training in engineering, Dianna’s teaching focuses on the use of technology as an aid in unlocking the mysteries of the mind and body.  Working as a manager/trainer in the offices of multimillion-dollar, global technology-based corporations, Dianna developed the valuable ability to break complex concepts and issues into easily understandable units – translating the deeply technological into the attainable.
Dianna has been a welcome guest speaker at The University of Akron’s renowned Polymer
Institute, Kent State University. She has taught at Ursuline College, Sophia Center, Tri-C and Case. She is a past president of Toastmasters Club 3315 and is a member of the Speaker’s Bureau. Dianna holds a BS in Electronic Engineering and an AAS in Electronic Technology from The University of Akron.

Workshops/seminars offered include:

Pinpointing Psycho/Spiritual Causes of Physical Disorder
Adding Technology to the Mind/Body Connection
Auric Diagnosis and Healing
The Holistic Approach to Wellness Meets New Technologies
Unlocking the Mysteries of Mind/Body Wellness

Note: Workshops and seminars can be custom-designed. Please contact Dianna to discuss
your specific needs.
Contact information:
Dianna Stahl
PO 242
W. Salem, OH
E-mail: ers@lek.net