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Closed Due to The Polar Vortex

January 30 - January 31

Please stay safe and warm while we wait for this  Polar vortex to pass.


The National Weather Service is warning people that any exposed skin could get frostbite in as little as five minutes.


Not so Fun Facts


What caused the polar vortex?
When the Arctic pattern is at its weakest, subtropic air masses can intrude poleward causing the Arctic air masses to move equatorward, as during the Winter 1985 Arctic outbreak. … The result is that the polar air forms a coherent rotating air mass: the polar vortex.


How does a polar vortex work?
It’s called a “vortex” because it spins counter-clockwise like a hurricane does. … A weak vortex can cause the jet stream to wobble southward, bringing the cold polar air down with it. The vortex weakens, in part, because of warming temperatures in the stratosphere.


What is a polar vortex and why is it so dangerous?
A Polar Vortex is the most dangerous when it weakens as it creates more acute winter conditions and can lead to extreme frigid weather conditions in the eastern U.S. … The polar ice caps help to regulate global temperature by reflecting sunlight back into space.


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