Create your Sacred  Space with Feng Shi 

Our homes are an intimate expression of who we are. Understanding our home is the key to understanding ourselves. Feng Shui helps us to understand ourselves through our external reflections.  We  unconsciously and intuitively place artwork and personal items around our home in order to represent whats going on inside us. The layout of the room, the placement of the furniture, where we spend the most time says a lot about who we are.   Feng Shui allows us to see ourselves through the eyes of our home and choose to change it. This is called the Art of Placement. Its not magic or a miracle cure but good Feng Shui can help us during difficult times and benefit from the good ones. Our goal is to create a space that we can come home to,  like a feeling of that warm hello or a loving hug. The relationship we have with our home are the most important of all because they can help us improve on the other relationships in our lives. our friends, family, coworkers but most importantly ourselves.

Feng Shui is a system for creating balance and harmony in our homes through the Chi or the energy flow around our home.  Connecting us with the Spirit of Place we call home.

Its all about the Chi!

Feng Shui is based on all things are made up of energy.  And If everything in our home is made up of energy and we are pure energy  than what impact does this have on our lives?  either positive or negatively.

Chi is the  universal Life Force or in other countries its known as Prana in India. In Japan, ki and in Egypt as ankh. What ever you call it it is the one thing that connects all things: Feng meaning Wind and Shui meaning Water.

Lets Get started and create good Chi in your home, office or room today.

Grab your Bagua Map and lets Create your Sacred  Space using Feng Shi 

I would like to to take a good look around your home, room or office with a new set of eyes. Will start by connecting with the raw energy of the space. How does it feel to you? I like to use my phone camera and look at the pictures. I will  ask myself,  do i like it this way? how can i change it?  Feng Shu is 90% observation and only 10% cures.

If your home is filled with clutter this is a good time to address it and yes Its an issue. Holding on to things that no longer serve us,  keeps us from moving forward.  Letting go of what no longer serves us helps us to let go of old patterns in our life.

What is the most important room in the house? 

Where do you spend most of your time in your home? 

Where is the heart of your home? 

Were going to start in the relationship area. ( With your spouse, partner,business partner, boss, ect.) Do you argue constantly or are you single looking for love? Are you happily married?

The first room is the Relationship Room and the Creativity / Children Joy Productivity is were I am working right now.

To find your Relationship room, stand at the front door and go directly to the back of the house and to the far right and also refer to the bagua map is your relationship life situation  (2)

What we can add to your room.

  • Add Light, salt lamps, table lamps and candles
  • adding color Pink, Red, White
  • Mirrors Love is energy, and energy is a living thing, mirrors will work 24/7 for you bouncing the energy around the room. 
  • 2 is the magic number in this Relationship life situation. Are there pairs of things?  Pots of you as a couple

I will continue to work on this room and post on it.  I will also be working in the children and creativity life situation next.

more to come….

I have to get to my Grand Daughters Birthday 🙂

Love and Blessings! Namaste




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