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Hello everyone! My name is Haley Kocinski and I would like to introduce you to a healing modality known as Introspective Hypnosis which I now offer at Namaste Life Center. Several decades ago, in the early 1960’s, Dolores Cannon pioneered the developed Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. She conducted hypnosis sessions which allowed her clients to access past lives and knowledge that they previously did not have access to in a conscious state. This helped open many individuals around the world to spiritual awakenings and the discovery of their talents, gifts and soul purpose. Through her work, forms of hypnosis have been created that dive deeper for the purpose of not only accessing past lives but also accessing past memories in order to heal through the subconscious. This is where Introspective Hypnosis can be of value to many people struggling with living in the past, addictions, phobias, low self-esteem, self-sabotaging acts, learned behaviors, and also for people searching for their soul-purpose.

All sessions are recorded for the benefit of the client so they may watch or listen to their recording as they please. The sessions are done in a judgement free zone where they are led through compassion, love and strict confidentiality, unless given the written consent to share a video session as a learning tool. The client will be put into a state of hypnosis where he or she will access the subconscious and/or higher aspect of themselves. While majority of clients are aware of the entire session, a small percentage may fall into a somnambulistic state of trance where they do not remember what transpired in majority if not the entire session.

While in a state of hypnosis, the client will lead the session to access various suppressed memories in the subconscious for the desired outcome of performing forgiveness therapy. I will help my client, through their own subconscious to understand and forgive the memory, as well as the people involved. As we are all energy, we may also find spirit attachments who have either been attached to a client since birth, during a time of heavy alcohol or drug use, during an organ transplant, during a time of depression, and possibly during a few other occurrence’s in a person’s life. We find that many of these attachments are lost and confused and treat all of them with love and kindness while helping to release them to the light. The client may find emotional and physical symptoms being released during this time, as the spirit may have projected their own baggage onto the client hosting them. This is a wonderful time for both the client and the spirit as they are both experiencing healing. Introspective Hypnosis is a form of therapy that goes past the analytical mind which would be performed in standard talk therapy and past the body while entering the seat of the soul where amazing things can happen and be revealed! This is for people who truly want to heal from the inside out.


Ever since she can remember, Haley Kocinski has had a strong interest and urge to help heal those around her. Whether it consisted of healing through kind words and encouragement or to suggesting many healing modalities for the mind, body and soul. As she is someone who has experienced many events in her life that required deep healing, she has built a strong
compassion and soul yearning towards helping others heal from the inside out. Many people around the world have trauma, fear, unworthiness, and so much more imbedded in their subconscious. As much as they try, there seems to always be something holding them back from reaching their full potential. She has had the privilege of learning first-hand what the power of entering the subconscious through hypnosis can do. This is when we have the ability
to change all the unwanted chatter, negative belief’s, self-doubt, addictions, and phobias. As an Introspective Hypnosis practitioner, she will put the client into a deep hypnotic state in order to tap into the subconscious mind. The place where all memories are recorded and stored. As negative, unresolved memories are stored in our subconscious they have a strong impact on our day to day lives. They govern our decision making, the way we act and
present ourselves, our feeling of self-worth, or lack thereof. By tapping into this part of ourselves we are able to gain a greater understanding of why we experienced certain challenge’s in our lives and forgive ourselves and others involved. During this session, you are not only able to access, heal and release past wounds from this lifetime, but you are also able to access past lives, as well as release spirit attachments. You will gain a greater understanding
of your life purpose through this process, release all that no longer serves you, and be well on your way of living your full potential!


Introspective Hypnosis
The session is recorded for the client and will be sent to them by the following day.
2-hour session: $150

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*** For reference on what you may expect during a session, please refer to Antonio Sangio as
well as Alba Weinman on Youtube.***