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Shamanic Reiki Healing Sessions with Jessica Imbrogno, Shamanic Reiki Master
Are you tired of waking up each day feeling like the overwhelming pain will never subside? Life can be difficult, but it is even more challenging when you feel stuck in emotional turmoil or experience physical distress that just doesn’t seem to budge. Jessica’s passion lies in helping you restore your body’s balance, energy flow, and to help you release trauma in order to promote peace and tranquility.
Shamanic Reiki healing sessions assist with releasing unresolved grief and despair while promoting relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety. Unresolved emotional trauma can contribute to many physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. To assist with this healing process, Jessica focuses on providing healing to the emotional, psychological, and energetic bodies using Shamanic Reiki.
Shamanic Reiki is a blend of divine and planetary energies. Shamanism and Reiki are based in the same principles of energy. Reiki is a Japanese hands-on healing technique that uses divine life force energy to balance, realign, and recharge, your body’s life force energy. Life force energy flows through everyone and is what causes us to be alive. Shamanism is the use of planetary life force energy. It is based on the belief that nature can balance, revitalize, and shift energy. Various tools and objects are used to move planetary energy through the body.
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30 minute Shamanic Reiki Healing Session – $40.00
60 minute Shamanic Reiki Healing Session – $70.00
90 minute Shamanic Reiki Healing Session – $95.00
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Several years ago, I was very “sick” and could not figure out “why.” Three surgeries later and five years of going to multiple doctor’s, through gifted practitioners in energy healing, I came to the shocking realization that my physical pain, anxiety, and depression was due to underlying emotional trauma.

Little did I know at the time this trauma traced back to unresolved grief and despair. These patterns of trauma surfaced in multiple areas of my life including my self-care, relationships, and career. This experience has driven my passion to help others who have lost hope due to feeling trapped in the pain they are constantly living in. I am a firm believer that you can correct anything in your body with the proper guidance, support, and desire to do so. I provide that support, and intuitive guidance.

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