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Made With Love – Wellness Products

Here are just some of the many Handmade Products you will find in our Gift Shop from local women and men in the Medina, Brunswick and Surrounding Community’s.


Impäkt Organic Skincare®

Professional Grade Skincare Therapy Origins and Who We Are

Impäkt Origins: Organic, Powerful, Chemical-Free, Transformative 

Impäkt Organic was brought from a dream to reality after years of researching, experimenting, and finding real solutions to difficult skin care issues where chemicals and industrial by-products can’t be the only answer out there. The ancient cultures of the world have revered certain plants and natural compounds as sacred and vital for centuries. Our years of relentlessly experimenting, researching and scouring ancient treatments for the best of the best ever recorded has had profound effects on the body, minds, and souls of all of us involved and our families. While modern science has only begun to validate many natural treatments, we truly believe that the Earth has given us all we need to treat those suffering and survivors alike.

Mandi Michalson, MBA,  Female Veteran Owned & Operated

Mandi is a lifelong science and chemistry student turned business major with a passion for understanding our body systems and how they integrate delivered therapies. This passion is the drive for thorough research and testing of every formula in addition to consulting with teams of medical and industry professionals around the world.

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The Garden Variety 

Linda Trenta and her business The Garden Variety.

The Garden Variety was born out of a passion for natural products and a need for salve that would treat pressure sores. When no over the counter product would work, I set about making my own.

Soon, friends and family saw the difference the salve made not only for pressure sores, but psoriasis, diaper rash and many other common skin problems. Over the years, I have gradually increased the product line and am excited to share the results here with you.

All of the ingredients are 100% natural and organic when available. I believe that treating our bodies well begins with the confidence of knowing what we use in our everyday products. That is why all of my products are free of parabens, phthalates or laurel/laureth sulfates, talc and cornstarch. The herbal infused oils and salves are made with extra virgin olive oil.

I hope that you enjoy using my products as much as I enjoy making them.


Debbie Schau-kaczmarek owner of Elsie Rose Sugar Scrubs, Body Lotion and Soaps.

✨Goat milk and honey! Soaking in the energy of The New Moon. A blend of grape, peach, and plum with sparkling citrus, rose and musk sets the mood for enchantment! Sugar scrubs, lotions and soaps include scents of Blessed Be, Freya's Blessings, Fairy Enchantment, Shadows & Light, and New Moon.

All natural ingredients used and made by the hands of Debbie Schau-kaczmarek owner of Elsie Rose Sugar Scrubs, Body Lotion and Soaps.  ✨ Elsie's Rose



Renae Shade   Stone Synergy






Renae Has found her passion  by Wrapping and Creating beautiful pendants with her favorite gemstone. Renae also teaches classes at Namaste Check the calendar for dates and times.


Stephanie Tallon of Erial Designs

About: Handmade natural gemstone and crystal creations for any occasion. I came into this quite accidentally. I needed a jewelry set for specific outfits and couldn’t find anything that I liked that was reasonably priced. I decided to try my hand at it and fell in love immediately! I am truly obsessed with making jewelry! I love love love creating these pieces and I hope all of you will love them as much as I do!!

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Gilded Heart Designs by Addie

Gilded Heart Designs Jewelry was born out of a love of art and creating things that are unique and different. Though my tastes tend to be varied and eclectic, most of my inspiration comes form nature. I have been a Jewelry Artist for 5 plus years. I am constantly learning new techniques so my jewelry is always evolving into new and unique designs.

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Sapphire Dreams Jewelry, LLC

Hand made jewelry using copper, sterling silver, gold-filled wire, with genuine stone, glass Myuki and Czech fired glass beads.
One of a kind and special edition pieces also.

Lenore also specializes in special orders. Let her create something uniquely you!!

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About:Samantha Everett &Samantha Eve Designs
Handmade, Elegant Jewelry of exceptional quality. Each piece is handcrafted in my studio.



New at Namaste from local artists Megan Neiger

Hello! My name is Megan Neiger, I am a 24 years old painter and photographer based in Medina Ohio.

I have been doing photography for six years and paint pouring for seven months. I continue to work in both fields, learning and growing along the way, I am completely self taught and love experimenting with new ideas and materials whenever I can. I enjoy paint pouring for it's uniqueness in every pour and its impossibility to duplicate the results. I greatly enjoyed hearing how my paintings make people feel and the different images that others find within the paint.



Nirali Shah - Akron Henna Art

Nirali has done henna body art. More than 20 years of experience. Only used 100 % natural organic henna.







Kaitlyn Riffle - Country Craft Beaded Jewelry

Shannon Yonker - Painting - The Bended Tree

Steve Power - Custom design Mandala Picture

Stacy Newman - Sweet Energy Energy Gloves , Goddess Dolls and Oracle Cards, Tools for The Sensitive Soul

Josephine Schrader - Hand Drawn Angel Cards

Jan Nicholas - Healing Wands

Book Authors:

Jedi Hill  - Alchemy: The Master's Path

Amber Nightingale - Brave Soul

Kathy Pickett - Spirit and Belief