Merida Venditti-Raines

Merida Venditti-Raines began her journey into the healing arts when, at 8 years-old, she healed herself of anxiety attacks by breathing and visualization.  Little did she know she would be working with healing through breathing therapy and visualization many years later.

In the early 1980’s Merida was ordained into the Secular Franciscan sect of the Catholic Church Brother Jacopa Fraternity in Fairport, Ohio.  She has always been intimately connected with the natural world and in 1984 she met and began her long apprenticeship with a Cherokee Medicine woman who was also a Tibetan Monk.  Over 25 years later she is bringing to you this Beloved Woman’s teachings along with her own specialized knowledge of herbs and supplements, massage and body work, energy work, advanced energy work and her knowledge in the field of shamanic journeying and dreaming.

For 60 years, Merida has been learning and then sharing the knowledge of the spirit world and holistic healing.  In her 20’s she was taken into a dream where she met a Master who told her she was to stay with a group of people who pulled her up from a precipice she was climbing.  She was instructed to stay with them and “play ball.”  She journaled the experience and in 6 months she no longer had a stutter that had plagued her since she was very young.

She has practiced meditation for many years and can share some of her experiences with other world entities and hearing the tones of the Universe.  She had Lupus over 15 years ago and no longer has it and has written a book about how she healed it holistically.  Her sister also had Lupus and no longer has it.  The book she wrote was published in 2015 and is titled: Warrior Spirit Path of Medicine (Balboa Press) and on and Kindle and in libraries and book stores.

These days Merida is transitioning from a career in full-time body work and health coaching to teaching and instructing large and small groups on healing holistically.  She is available for treatments and consultations by appointment.  A playful spirit in her own right – Merida is a grandmother and mother with a 6 pound deva dog and two 15 pound cats.  Her stories about her life and healing work will keep you wanting more from her as she shares her experiences with a child-like delight.  She welcomes you to her classes, which are geared toward empowering YOU, and hopes you will find a sense of peace and a sense of “coming home” which was akin to her feelings when she met her medicine teacher.  Grandmother taught us in the ways of Medicine which means Balance. She would open a teaching by calling in the Lodge – always it would storm around us when she did this. Rain, lightning and thunder would come. When the teaching would end the Lodge would close – always with rain, lightning and thunder. This happened with each teaching for over 25 years.  In 2005 her teacher initiated all of her apprentices into the realm of the Bodhisattva – enlightened beings in the service of mankind.

Merida’s invitation to you: “Come my beloveds and let me tell you a beautiful story.” These were Grandmother Pa’ris’ha’s words to all of us welcoming us into her medicine teachings.  Now I pass them on to invite you in to learn the ways of medicine.