Peggy Pogan


Peggy Pogan is a psychic medium who receives messages from people who have passed.



Peggy Pogan host a popular show called Believing in the Beyond.

Anyone interested in connecting with loved ones who have passed away might want to tune in to one of WCTV’s newest shows, Believing in the Beyond.

WCTV Channel 15, Mon. 12:30 am, Tues. 9:30 pm, Thur. 2:30 pm, Fri. 12:30 am, Sat. 1:00 & 11:00 pm

for more information you can find Peggy at her FB page here.

15 min reading – $25

30 min. reading – $50

60 min reading – $80

To schedule your appointment with Peggy click here. 

Thank you and Namaste!