Amazing Healings When Lepidolite Specimen With Calcite Energies Ignite!


What happens when two of the world’s soothing crystals allied its powers? You’ll be amazed with the inducing change it will bring into your life! This week, we discuss the properties of Lepidolite Specimen and how Calcite crystals combined its positive energies to form a “stone of transition.

Lepidolite Defined.

The natural lepidolite specimens are made of natural Botryoidal lepidolite, which are gemmy, shiny, and beautiful pieces to work with this Calcite crystals, of which has an incredible array of varieties and colors. Each of these specimens possesses mica within it and has such a gorgeous natural sheen that will leave iridescent glitter on your hand when you hold them.  Native American ancestors hd many tourmaline mines on their reservation lands in the southwest and would mine lepidolite and rub the stone, releasing lithium mica into their skin. They would also often grind up this gem and rub it on the skin of anyone in need of soothing. It mellowed them out, relaxed them, and eased mood disorders.

Calcite Defined.

The Calcite crystal stone came from the Latin word calc, meaning ‘lime.’  The main ingredient in the shells of sea creatures, crystallized limestone gives the Calcite crystal an incredible array of varieties and colors. The Calcite crystal and its powers of absorption have turned it into a powerful sponge that soaks up toxic emotions and negativity.

Healing Benefits of Lepidolite Specimen

  • aids in overcoming any kind of emotional or mental dependency, supporting in the release of addictions and complaints of all kinds, including anorexia;
  • assists in the release and reorganisation of old behavioural and psychological patterns, gently inducing change;
  • brings deep emotional healing, soothing and reducing stress and depression;
  • strengthens the immune system, soothes the nervous system and can be used to restructure DNA;
  • relieves exhaustion and aids in the relief of tension and related disorders;
  • relieve allergies and greatly help with epilepsy and alzheimers;
  • stabilises mood swings and is excellent for the menopause;
  • treats illnesses caused by “sick-building syndrome” or computer stress;
  • Excellent for people with bipolar disorders;
  • opens the crown chakra, clearing blockages and bringing cosmic awareness;
  • activates the throat, heart, third eye chakras and the intellect.

Energy Properties of Calcite.

  • stone for inviting good fortune and prosperity into your life;
  • it reconnects you to the planet as a source of life energy when used In meditation;
  • It reminds you of daily positivity and the life-giving earth and its everyday abundance;
  • It plugs you back into the matrix of the universe and be reminded of your immense gratitude for the natural world, a complex system that sustains all life!

Lepidolite Specimen with Calcite.

Combining its power of objectivity and positivity, with direction, unimpeded communication and focusing on what is important, it makes an excellent stone for Business pursuits, Transition, Awareness, Emotional Balance, Meditation, Prayer and Goodness.  Together, it helps us to perceive all problems as opportunities for our unfolding and advancement.  And that is what NAMASTE is all about!

Why NAMASTE? The Namaste Life Center is a friendly, spiritual community that honors and recognizes all walks and paths. Our goal is to help individuals on their own path by providing products, services, workshops, and healing. We carry a selection of items that will help those on a spiritual path, including Lepidolite Specimen with Calcite.  You may inquire about this crystal via this link, or send us an email at, or better yet, call us at 1 (216) 210-1846 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.  For more of our products and services, please visit our website.


Aquamarine – The March Birthstone

Are you wondering how crystal healing works? Crystals are being used for healing and harness the life-giving elements of the earth and the universe for over the millennia. Our ancestors have been using crystals and gem not just for beautification purposes but also for healing. There are many different crystals with a variety of uses to help you start with your crystal healing journey.

This month of March, let me introduce and share with you some uses and benefits of this month’s birthstone, Aquamarine.

What is it?

Aquamarine means sea water and just like emerald, is a variety of beryl. It ranges from light blue-green shades up to deeper blue color. It is relatively strong but can still easily break. It may also lose its color if exposed to strong sunlight for extended period of time.

It usually comes from Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Colombia and several other countries.

For centuries, this gemstone has been a symbol of youth, hope, fidelity and good health. It embodies eternal life.

Uses and Benefits

As a sea water stone, it has a very soothing energy. This is considered as a lucky stone for sea travelers (obviously!).  It has a flowing and peaceful energy which helps to move and purify your own energy.

It also helps to aid emotional healing and deepen meditative states. Its healing and nourishing effects can be compared to moonstone.

It helps bring joyful sense of harmony that can feel like splashes of water, playful but mischievous.

It helps soothe and protect your energy from being drained by the negativity that may surround you.

It helps relieve stress, cools high temper and conflict, heals trauma, brings peace, and clears mind and calm the heart.

It can also be a good anniversary gifts to couples as is has soothing influence on your relationships.

If you want to learn more on different stones and crystals, visit us here at Namaste Life Center. Also check our upcoming classes to see whats New at Namaste! 

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Pros and Cons of Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine such as tai chi, acupuncture, and other various forms are designed to bring the body into balance to help restore health. Benefits of using traditional and alternative medicine are many but there are also things you need to cautious of.

Here are the Pros of using alternative medicine:

  1. The difference between traditional and alternative medicine is that most forms emphasize on whole body care as some physicians often forget to also take care the healthy parts of the patients. Physical, emotional and spiritual health is being taken care of.
  2. It offers a great deal of personal attention from traditional physicians.
  3. It focuses on prevention. Prevention is always better than cure right? Traditional medicine treatments focused on preventing the disease before it occurs.
  4. It targets to treat the root cause of the health condition.
  5. It reduces stress. Stress is one of the factors people get sick emotionally, physically and even spiritually. Reducing stress helps to prevent or heal illnesses.

Here are the Cons of using alternative medicine:

  1. There is limited scientific research about it. Though there is a growth in funding for its research studies, evidence are still limited which left many questions unanswered.
  2. There is confusion in marketing between natural and safe. Some manufacturers of herbal medicines and dietary supplements make unrealistic claims that their products are miracle cures or secret ingredients.
  3. Supplements herbs can potentially interact with prescription and over the counter medications. Some of them may have side effects of their own.

So, if you are planning to try alternative medicine, it is important to do some research or get someone knowledgeable enough to help you with the process.

When considering alternative medicine, think balance. Get the best health care from both traditional and alternative sides of medicine can be your best option.

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