Dr. Michael Medgyessy DC

Dr. Michael Medgyessy DC


Holistic Chiropractor

Dr. Michael Medgyessy graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.SC. in Microbiology. He then attained his Doctor of Chiropractic from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1976. He practiced in Toronto for four years after graduation, then emigrated to the United States where he has practiced as a Holistic Chiropractor for over forty years.


Dr. Mike is available Monday and Wednesday: 9am -7pm


Nutritional Counseling – Initial Consult – $120.00 Re-Eval – $40.00

Detoxification / With the Ionic Foot Bath.

– ½ hr session – $40 – Prepaid 5 sessions – $200 + 1 Session

Prepaid 10 Sessions – $400 + 2 Sessions

Supplement Testing – ½ hr session $40

Ear Candling – 45 minute session $40


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Introduction to Numerology

Introduction to Numerology

with Eddie Rosa

Tuesday, November 13 from 6:30-8pm

Cost: $20.00

Have you always wanted to learn Numerology?

Numerology is the belief that numbers have a direct correlation with all nature and divinity. This is an in-depth and complex topic, but the beginning stages of learning numerology are achieved by mastering the basic arithmetic while gaining an understanding of each vibration.

What Ed will teach you..

– Introduce you to what Numerology is and how it can help you.

– Teach you how to calculate your 7 core numbers and how to calculate your Cycle numbers

– You will learn how to fill out your Transits and Essence numbers and what this means to you.

If you like you can purchase the Book ” The Numerology Guidebook” by Michelle Buchanan at the Center for $16.95

Be sure to register soon! This class fills up fast!

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Discover how to utilize your body to Eliminate Stress

Discover how to utilize your body to Eliminate Stress


During this Life Altering event you will learn various skills to utilize your body to overcome stress, increase energy and improve focus to have a more peaceful, joyful life.

Who is this class for?

If you suffer from #Stress, #Anxiety, #Depression this class will help you create a whole new life giving you the tools to break the chains holding you back so you can be free. If this is something you desire this
Class is for You.

If you are an #empath, #medium, or other spiritually gifted individual affected by the energy/ moods of those around you. This Class is for You.

If you are a busy #entrepreneur who wants to be able to reduce stress so you can focus and do more in your business this
Class is for You.

This class is an invaluable resource because of the change in your life it can create. but there is a suggested donation of $10

P.S. One of you who attend will be given a prize worth at least $250

Kathy Pickett, author of Spirit and Belief – Special Event

Join  Kathy Pickett, author of Spirit and Belief which concerns my psychic experiences with a passed celebrity. It began as a blog, went international, and transpired into a book. I hope to debunk myths regarding mediumship, spirituality, and celebrities in spirit. We all have intuition but just need to believe in its power and truly listen. You can follow me on my website, two blogs, and social media— Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (spirituality board,) and my YouTube channel.
www.mywarriorwritings.com (Ultimate Warrior stories)

Kathy will do a book signings and talk about her experiences while answering any questions!

A Love donation of $5 is greatly appreciated.

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Feng Shui – The Five Power Principles

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a system for arranging your surroundings in harmony and balance with the natural world around you. In Chinese, the words Feng Shui mean “wind and water.” Feng Shui For Real Life is a contemporary, practical approach that allows you to use what you already have and what you want to acquire to bring good things into your life.

In the current economic climate, more people are turning to practical uses of Feng Shui to help them through tough times.

The Five Power Principles of Feng Shui

Power Principle #1 — Chi

Chi is energy. It is the constantly moving and changing life force that we feel around us making us feel either good or bad in a certain location. Chi can
accumulate in the objects around you. In your home or office, the chi will flow in through the door and out through the windows. The goal of Feng Shui improvements (or “cures”) is to keep the chi flowing gently throughout your environment rather than running straight through it. Chi can have a negative effect on your surroundings when it gets stuck or blocked.

Power Principle #2 – The Five Elements

The Five Elements is the collective name used to describe the colors, shapes, and textures around you. The Elements are: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Each Element is distinguished by a characteristic shape, colors, and set of attributes. Feng Shui improvements for homes and offices balance all of these Elements in your interior environment.

Power Principle #3 – The Bagua

The Bagua is the chart used to map the areas of a home or office and determine where to locate the objects and colors that represent the Five Elements. The traditional bagua is an octagon (the word bagua means “8-sided” in Chinese). Modern approaches to Feng Shui use a grid-shaped chart to map nine areas of your life (see Bagua Map):

•Compassion/Travel/Helpful People

Power Principle #4 – Yin and Yang

According to the yin-yang theory, everything in the universe consists of two opposing, but interconnected, forces: yin, which is feminine, and yang, which is masculine. Yin qualities are female, soft, passive, nurturing, dark, while the yang qualities are male, hard, active, aggressive, bright. This Power Principle relates to balancing the opposites around you to achieve harmony, like soft and hard, cold and hot, dark and light, floral and geometric, straight and curvy.

Power Principle #5 – Continuity and Connectedness

This principle relates to the belief that the more your interior surroundings feel connected to the natural world outside, the more balanced you’ll feel inside. Because every action has a reaction, we are influenced by everything around us and, in turn, we influence everything. In Feng Shui, we believe “you are what you see.” That is, the colors, shapes, and images you use to decorate your surroundings will influence what you attract into your life.

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